GHOST FACE….highlight of my day

I don’t know what this is, fate or coincidence
The first time i looked at you and passed
Although I couldn’t have gotten enough of you
It’s like we are meant to be
I want to see you every time I wake up
For real now not in my head

Every time I look in the mirror
She seems like my reflection
Like an extension of me
That I could probably never touch
No matter how much I tried

Highlight of my day
Ghost face
Fiction of my imagination
A memory in my subconscious
A girl I shared a few seconds of intensity
Pierced right through my soul
Lost for words

Lost in a crowd
With only a ghost face
To rely on for directions
In search for a heavenly beauty
That is my reflection
My dream
My life
How could I possibly be
Without the truth of her existence

While standing on that line
Couldn’t help hoping that I would see
That ghost face ….one last time before the night ends
If my dream was to be a reality
I hope it’s my reflection

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