Hope to see you one last time
Spent so little time
With you, yet it seems like a lifetime
Brought out a part of me I thought was gone forever
You were so close yet so far
Wanted a taste of your lips
But couldn’t get close enough to feel the warmth of your breath
On my neck
Both too scared to lose the other
We keep our real feelings at bay
Unable to look each other in the eye long enough
For the fear of what may happen
The fear of what the consequences of such actions might be
Hugging you good bye
The thought of never setting my eyes on you
That only the pictures of our last day together
The memory of our long talks,
Our comfortable moments of silence
Our walk as the sun set in the horizon
The stupid jokes
Your smile and laughter
Sent chills down my spine
I wish we had more time together
Then maybe I would have been able
To describe this alien feeling.

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