No one ever said the butterflies I felt
Would one day turn into bees
No one ever said pulling the arrow out of my heart would hurt so much
Who do I turn to put the pieces of my shattered heart back together
I thought we would last forever
I thought we were made for each other, soul mates made in the heavens
Never been so wrong
This pain has got me reminiscent, nostalgic
It’s got me thinking of what would have been
I wish I could be reed of my emotions
Emotions of hate
Emotions despair
Emotions of anger confusion
Emotions of love
Yes love
The most painful one
A two sided coin
I’m drowning in questions
Questions I can’t answer
I’m in grave need of closure
Closure so far out of my reach
I believed we would be possible
But I guess my believe was impossible
Now I see  why I was referred to as insane
As I slowly regain my sanity
I wish I wasn’t so blinded by You,
the fantasy that you are
Then maybe I would have seen our decline and avoided the death of a light that once shone bright

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