I feel a need
For your presence
I crave for your touch
Extraordinary person
Out of the ordinary
Different from my normal

Emotions clouded
Impossible to comprehend
Acting rash
Living with the moment
Going with the flow

Yet I can’t seem to grasp
The genuity of your like
The truth of your love
The reality in your indescribable feeling
You call the ex factor a mistake
Yet you keep letting it back in
You sounds like disgust when you speak about it
Yet you sound like sweet when you speak to it
You say ‘this’ , yet it seems like you mean ‘that’
Your ‘this’ hold no absolution
Gets me wondering
Who is being lead on
Who is gullible
What the lie is
Is my faith and trust completely misplaced

Filled to the brink with doubt
Absolute confusion
Confirmed distrust
Wondering which direction
You really wanna go
Left or right
Forward or backward.

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