Super professional, probably gets you wondering, “why was this super professional?” well I have been on other shoots, most very unprofessional, a few, probably one professional shoot, but that’s what I would call it, ‘professional’. I feel if my boss saw it though he would probably call them armature, and that’s why I have referred to this as super professional.

I wasn’t on edge at the beginning, in fact some would say I was too relaxed, which is true and very unlike me, until things got real. It was like I was drowning and didn’t know it and then someone slapped me on the face to wake me up and safe myself before I die. Back to the point, things got real, we were running out of time, the first session was in fact wasted, the boss was supper pissed, in fact he had resigned to doing everything by himself and kicking is assistant off the set, in my opinion his assistant wouldn’t have stayed… in fact he was ready to leave, still asking myself why he stayed. The point am trying to make is that …..wait before I make that point, I have to say at this point everything my lecturer in school told me about how a director reacts on set when things aren’t going as planned came flashing back in full speed, because right now it wasn’t just something my lecturer told me and my classmates, it was happening right in front of me, in real life, if I had any doubts about what my lecturer said they were gone, like completely gone. Point is working on set without proper planning as a crew member of a shoot, and I don’t mean the whole plan the crew came up with, I mean a personal decision you make as a crew member to be on your ‘A’ game, that means boarder line reading the directors mind, if not  you are screwed, big time. You have to be fast, quick, accurate, and precise, always on your feet ready keen, observant in other to know what the director needs at all times and have it ready every time he asks.

I think the teasing at some point became too much, and one had to be level headed at all times. The only person probably allowed to have random outburst on set is the director, everybody else has to stay level headed so that things can move on as smoothly as possible. What the director says go, you do not have a say, this mentality I believe is a bit flawed. I learnt a lot more from my experience on the 17th of august 2016, I can’t mention right now.

A number of things  i thought we could  greatly improve on is our preparation, I think we should start running full simulations of a shoot a day before we go for it, it will help us to be more prepared and faster at setting up equipment. I also will appreciate it if all of us crew members have an idea or know how to set up all equipment. That way we become a more effective crew.

All in all it was great, a very good experience, plus at the end of the day I felt like I had just done leg day in the gym, with all the running around and standing, I look forward to participating in more shoots and learning everything I can about setting up all equipment, in fact I want to be able to set them up correctly, including the Ronin and know how to use them.

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