We all listen to music alone, with someone or

people……………………………………………………………… …………………… Ok that was me trying to come up with the perfect introduction, but men did I get stuck, that was the thing about the music that night, in fact that’s the thing about music in general, to enjoy it, you need to lose yourself to it, go with the flow, allow it to take you wherever.

Music never really takes you to a bad place , on the contrary, depending on what kind of music you are listening to, you will always go to a good place, now how you choose to interpret is completely up to you………..alright this is boring talk.

Here’s the juicy part, ‘A NIGHT OF MUSIC,’ here I was, both a photographer and a cinematographer, viewing everything going on in the concert through, the lens of my camera, but listening with my ears, and men was I hypnotized by the music. I watched the artist perform and sing with so much passion, and I watched the crowd respond to the melody with more passion than I had seen in a long time. It was like they had all forgotten themselves, like they were in a completely different world , kind of like what alcohol does to you, gives you a level of confidence, you probably never knew you had, that… my friends was what I saw in the audience, on that faithful night.

The shy, the beautiful, the not so beautiful, the introverts, the extroverts, and whatever other characters and personalities might have been there that night, were all glued to what was happening on stage, they all let the music take them, they allowed themselves go with the flow of the music, even I found myself moving to the groove while shooting, anyone who knows cinematography and photography well, knows that when shooting in low light absolute stillness is recommended to avoid getting blurred photos or out of focus shots, at this point I stopped caring I couldn’t miss out on what everyone else was enjoying, that was the moment I spotted her, ok maybe I had seen her before, the difference was now I really saw her, now she had let the music take her. This implied there were no tricks no lies no pretenses, it was just a girl, a really beautiful girl listening to the music and dancing to the groove.

She was probably the most beautiful creature I had seen in a while and trust me there where countless beauties in the crowd, but this one…allow me to steal this line……was the “fairest of them all.” I might be exaggerating, but to me she was, with the contagious smile that came with dimples that reminded me of my mom, any girl blessed with dimples that remind me of my ma is most certainly blessed. I got lost in the beauty for a while, I think my camera might have noticed it too, because it lingered for a while before moving, I had to know who she was.

The point am trying to make here is that music, which ever one you might prefer listening to, has a way of bringing out the real you even if it’s just for a split second. It also possess the ability to make, you forget about your troubles, remember good times, feel a kind of way you would like to feel, or how a certain someone makes you feel, remind you who, what and why somebody or something is important or the importance they/it holds to you. Music has the ability to give hope, to motivate, to enable you experience your fantasy, in shot it has the ability to get you higher than any narcotic can, has the ability to make one seem insane. Music is my preferred drug to abuse, make it yours.

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