Sitting on the roof of my home, enjoying the cool breeze, I looked up and noticed something that many at times we overlook. I could see neither a single star nor the moon itself, yet the night didn’t look so dark and gloomy. I have to say the situation got me wandering, so I looked around…what I saw was breath taking, I had to share it, “other people have to see this,” I said to myself.img_3522


You are probably not interested in how I went to get my camera, yada yada. That’s the thing though, what are you all really interested in hearing, probably something you can relate with, like an in depth description of what I saw, that’s what the pictures are for. How it made me feel at that point in time, well…

There are a number of things as humans we want, but one always trumps all, and that’s love, every human wants to feel loved, everyone wants their own dog, I mean that person you can make a fool of yourself around and their response is doing something equally or more stupid and it all ends up in laughter. Let the record show that I might have stolen that idea from somewhere, but before I committed that gruesome crime here’s what I thought:

“Every once in a while

Everyone needs someone

They can be goofy around

Someone they can act stupid around

And not feel ashamed

Someone they can be crazy smart around

But still feel a bit dumb

Everyone needs someone

They can be true with

And fulfil those weird little funny fantasies

They have

Everyone strives to find someone to relate to.”

Those where my thoughts before that faithful night on the roof, lying there alone and staring at the bare sky, it got me thinking:

“We all want someone

To chill with and enjoy the cold breeze with

We all want someone who can see the world

The way we see it

Someone who can see nature through our eyes

Someone who can see a dark night

Without stars and still manage to find the

Beauty in it just like we do”

All of these is just a pinch of what we humans desire, but just like every night is not full of stars, we too might not always have these desires fulfilled. On this day I saw past the dark cold night and witnessed the beauty it held even without the stars, and that’s exactly what we all should strive to see even when we feel alone or are experiencing our darkest nights.

9 thoughts on “A NIGHT WITHOUT STARS

  1. That’s what I call creativity, bringing out the inner strength and potentials you have been endowed with. I love this part of you beginning to unfold. Dig deeper, find it.
    Keep it up buddy.


  2. Mmmm! Thats great revelation. It makes me think that oh! we can choose to look for good things in a very dark situation and celebrate them instead of complaining and murmuring of the dark dark night without stars and moon (Goodies we want). Thanks Iyanu.

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