This particular picture had the most to tell if am to be honest. It probably wasn’t the best photo I took that night, in fact I honestly didn’t plan to take that particular photo, but somehow whether it was fate, coincidence or a mistake, it was one of the best photos I took and when I saw it, I immediately fell in love with it.

Not many people would see what I saw, in fact what I still see, so am going to explain my fascination. First things first though let me describe the photo… it’s has an almost completely dark background, with just a glimmer of light, close to the center.img_3548

This my dear friends tells a story indeed, a very deep story, if you are able to look for meaning in what you see, and not just see what is  obviously a meaningless photo, with no sort of creativity or thought put into it.

Why did it get me, why am I fascinated by it? One reason, the only reason or should I say a natural God giving form of motivation, all humans possess, ‘HOPE.’ Why do we fight, why do we struggle, what keeps us going even when all seems lost? Will power? Yes but what fuels are our will and determination to achieve our goals? Hope, the tiniest glimmer of hope has the power to motivate any individual to push on, it’s no wonder every villain knows that they’ve won when you no longer have any hope of defeating them.

Hope was what I saw when I saw this image, and I immediately smiled, that glimmer of light in all that darkness is all we need to succeed in this world if we are not too quick to dismiss it. We leave in a less than ideal world, and that’s just putting it lightly. The world we leave in is messed up in so many ways, and has a way in fact a very intriguing talent of bashing our hopes and dreams, but that’s the thing no matter how dark it might seem, hope never really dies, we just have to dig deep enough to reach it. Just maybe instead of holding to an idea of success, or prosperity, we should probably be looking at the glimmer of light constantly shinning in the distance within the vast darkness that we exist, look at it as a life line.

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