I was listening to Classic FM a Kenyan radio station on my way to work, the topic for that morning got me thinking. Several people called the host to tell him and his listeners what they were thankful for in their life. Some of the things said made me smile, not because they were funny, but because I doubt you or I would get me thinking about such “trivialities” as things to be thankful for, not in a million years.

Many of us work around looking like we were tasked to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, gloom, sadness and dejection screamed by the wrinkles on our faces. If we don’t have the money to travel, we are sad, if we don’t have new clothes, we feel out of place, if we can’t party, don’t have a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, wife to be, husband to be, a car, we are angry, if we can’t go to Java, Kentucky fried chicken (KFC), Steers, Subway, Dominos and every other prestigious restaurant that exists, we feel unfulfilled.

I could continue with the list of “big trivialities” we want but can’t get, but those clearly aren’t the only things that exist in this world. We think so much of what we assume matters the most, thus neglecting the little seemingly unimportant things that we do have and can do. But hey, I’m not here to judge, I also commit this despicable crime against everything that we should be thankful for.

From the greatest to the smallest of us in this small world have no right to say “what could I possibly be thankful for?” I can’t claim to know what anyone should be thankful for, but one thing I do know is that from the break of dawn to the dusk of night, we all can pick at least one thing to be thankful for even a person on their death bed has something to be thankful for.

Even when we find ourselves, in the worst of the worst of situations, we don’t have to dig deep to find something to be thankful for, are you standing, are you thinking, are you crying, are you punching something, are you talking, are you seeing, are you breathing, are you eating, do you have a shilling in your pocket, the list continues, but all of these are things to be thankful for.

Let us as living beings strive hard not to be the people who take for granted the most important things in our lives. Who am I kidding we are those people, but we don’t have to be.



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