Ever wondered how possible it is to have two well-functioning eyes and still not see, it’s so severe, you lose sight of the most important things at a certain point in time? Ever wondered why a camera man really takes pictures? Why somehow a lens coupled with a camera has the ability to capture things that we otherwise wouldn’t have been keen enough to see or deem important?

I was watching an anime in which one of the main characters mentioned something about seeing that woke me up, can’t remember her exact words of course, but for those interested and anime lovers, look for ‘Canaan”. What does it mean to see, what is seeing really, when you say I saw what do you really mean? Everyone has a different meaning and a similar meaning when they say “I saw.” It could mean my brain registered the presence of an entity, however big or small, it could mean something, say a plan is an open book, in other words, you can see the end game of a certain plan or you got someone or something figured out, it could also be a recognition of the existence of truth. But this are the obvious meanings.

Am not saying there are any hidden meanings that was just my attempt to make us understand the aspects of seeing I wish to touch on.  Many at times I take pictures and when am reviewing them I often notice things I didn’t see when I was taking the photo. Now why is this? is it that I didn’t see well or I wasn’t keen or observant enough or I was so fixated on my subject I didn’t notice what was around my subject? Hell if I know. After a while though I began to look out for this things. I forced my eyes to look but I trained myself to see.

Everything in this world can be seen, nothing can really escape our eyes as long as it is in our line of sight. But even with this fact in existence, we are still oblivious to things that are staring us down. Why is this? Simple, we choose not to see them whether consciously or subconsciously, hence making mistakes hurting ourselves and by proximity those closest to us.   It is because of our refusal to see that we end up breaking hearts, having our hearts broken, fighting, and killing. In our desperate attempts to love, to keep a clearly dead relationship alive we lose sight. We probably choose not to see because of the fear that we might not like what we see. It could be that we truly cannot see some things from where we stand. It might even be that we do not see somethings because, they are not what we are trying to see or what we want to see, just like looking so desperately for the good in a person, that we fail to see how bad they are for us.

We all have a tendency to ignore what we don’t want to see. I met a girl sometime back, and instantly fell for her. She looked like everything I wanted in my miss right, except for a few tweaks here and there. She was a light skinned dame in her late teens, dark hair, slim, but had the right curves in all the right places. Her eyes were another story entirely, a special kind of light brown. I got lost in not just their beauty, but the soft yet stern look that pierced through my soul. She had slim tall legs that had a slight bow to them, so that she walked with a level of grace and elegance, I had never seen on anyone else. Yes I had the courage to talk to her, and realizing she had a few things in common with me was the last straw, and all I could see was my miss right nothing else, even when she told me not to think so highly of her because she might disappoint me, all I could hear was the sweetness in her voice. Even when, I knew, I was the only one who felt the way I was feeling, and she didn’t feel anything remotely close to what I felt for her, for me, I just couldn’t see anything else, all I wanted to see was my miss right and I was satisfied. I ignored what her absence of response, was doing to me, even when my friends told me I was losing myself. A female friend of mine went as far as telling me to my face, that the reason I held on to her was because I couldn’t bring myself to see a truth that was right in front of me. But those weren’t enough to deter me, I ignored them all.

What’s my point here? . . . I saw only what I wanted to see, what I needed to see, and was too scared to see what I really was supposed to be looking at. I was too scared to loose what I had only just gotten, a person I had never met in my life and was convinced I would never ever meet again. I was terrified beyond explanation of seeing the truth, so I held on to a lie, to the reality that was only a fantasy in my head. I ignored everything and everyone around my perfect subject, thus preventing myself from seeing better.

A camera can provide an intact, complete and unbiased visual account for later reflection. Looking back I wish my eyes and head were a great camera body coupled with an awesome lens, then maybe just maybe I would have seen every single thing in my line of site and captured them no matter how unfocused they might have been. Never accept anything for what it appears to be, dare to see it for what it could be. We all have the potential to see, I mean to really see, all we need to do is become more aware of our surroundings, and everything around us. So never ever think you’ve seen, when you have merely looked.

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