Letters: when last did you write one? I don’t mean an email, a text or chat I mean a good old fashioned letter. The hand-written, folded, enveloped and stamped letter that you take to the post office. One thing that litters the memory of my puppy dog days are the letters I wrote to express my “love.” The difference Now, is I’m older and with that an enhanced understanding of those feelings. If my poetic side still lives is a question I really haven’t tried to answer. One thing that I am certain remained through the years is my fondness of falling, and falling hard.

                If you must blink, do it now, take a bathroom break, or get comfortable, because once you begin you can’t afford to stop, you can’t get distracted……………………………………………………………………………………. Here I go:


                Like anything in life, the hardest part is always the beginning. I will always hope you are faring better than when we last spoke, because when last we saw seems like a lifetime. If you still haven’t found a place to stay you might as well move in permanently to the nifty piece of real-estate you’re currently leasing in my thoughts. It’s comfortably a mansion.

                Hello again my love, I hope you are feeling better than I do right now. Don’t get me wrong I do not feel bad, not even in the slightest bit, considering all that is on my mind is you. My thoughts in the morning, afternoon and night are filled with the perfection that is you, constantly reminding me of your definition, analyzing every part that was put together to be an embodiment of your being. Constantly practicing, reciting words, lines and stanzas that are obviously inadequate to describe your beauty. I know I sound cheesy, but my thoughts are what they are.

               I write, because you used to say I could be a little too succinct in oral expression. Me, myself and I keep wondering what our next conversation with you is going to be like. It’s been a year since we first saw you, which would make it nine months since we worked up the courage to talk to you. Our performance, first impression then, wasn’t so great, and so we keep practicing night and day, writing poems, coming up with lines that would woo anyone but you. Even though we know it’s a bad idea we continue because we can’t afford another failure in case we get to make a first impression for the second time. We wonder though, why we are so stalk on you, why do we still get butterflies when we see you, why no one but you has this effect on us. We have fought many such wars and emerged victorious, conquered many, destroyed tests, practical’s and exams with unimaginable complications. You my dear have proven to be our kryptonite. These are my wars and they are what they are.

                 I have made you my life quest, the best thing that ever happened to me, my one and only love, my kryptonite. There I go being cheesy again, pardon my inability to come up with appropriate words to construct proper sentences that would create paragraphs that can fully and adequately describe the perfection that is you. I fail to use similes and metaphors to emphasize the extent of your allure, because it would not be fair to use things that cannot be compared to you to describe you.

If I could, I would say:

                 You shine as bright as the sun, yet it has nothing on you, you shine so bright the only light I can see is yours, the only heat I can feel is the one you emit. Nature in its entirety, with all the beauty and wonders it holds to its name does not begin to scratch the surface of the grandeur and humdinger that you are. I write to say I miss you. How your sights matched your drive, how your tiny voice contrasted your appetite. You are the most beautiful person I have seen in 23 years. I’m sure mirrors only need voice boxes to confess something similar.

                 I am afraid my letter has come to its end, be that as it may, I have so much I would like to tell you. But I guess they would have to wait till our next meeting, maybe then I will be ready to express my deep and complete devotion to you. One last thing, you shine like the sun but it sets and you don’t.


Yours truly


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