The Fall III


Happiness, this elusive sentiment that basks in such a grotesque universe of intangibility. Standing at the peak of all mundane quests. Sought after more than anything else. But still so indefinite to say the least. What is happiness truly? A question that plagues me to this very day. Every time I try to solve this riddle, the word “love” pops up. EVERY time.

Truth be told I have always been subject to love. Grew up under the wing of loving parents alongside loving siblings. Basically, lived in a world filled with love. “Is that a problem?” Inner me always asks. “A problem? No! no!……. I don’t think so” I will often answer. But still, “is life that perfect?” no pain, no grief, no slip ups. I guess it all seemed like an illusion, fake, nothing more than a facade. My ever so present sad smile once again draws itself across…

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