There’s no day that goes bye

That I don’t think of you

But that’s the thing girl

I know I will never feel

The same way you feel 

For me

I know I’m wasting both our time

But I can’t seem to let you go

I find myself in a maze

One brought to existence

By emotions

Trying to find my way

A lost course 

Every temptation 

Is a dead end

Trying to find 

My way to you

Every time I have you

In my sight

I hit a barrier

A reef that I can’t seem to break through

It’s like a two way mirror

You see me but I can’t see you

So close yet we are worlds apart

You keep calling to me

Try to work to the direction

You are calling from

But it is someone else

A maze of thoughts

How do I find you

When everyone I hear and see is you

When I call everyone your name

Some look at that

And say

“It’s a good thing”

Their words not mine

You ask

“How did they react”

While smiling

Is my head supposed to be doing the thinking

I’m I supposed to follow my head

I’m out of clues

Lost in a maze

With no sense of direction

My only hope

For direction

My only way

Out of here 

Is my heart

But my heart

Shows me

A path

Away from you

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