I was walking in town, and I saw something that amazed me. I felt it was funny, in fact I laughed. I know you are wandering what could have been so amazing, well when walking on the streets of Nairobi, there is hardly a turn where you wouldn’t see a beggar sitting on the side walk hoping that someone with a good heart or someone feeling generous would drop something for him or her, I drop once in a while but not all the time, but that beside the point. I can’t remember the exact street I was walking on but as I turned the corner of one of these streets, I saw the most amazing thing I have seen in a while, a beggar on the phone she was talking to someone in her language, and she seemed like she was in a very interesting conversation.

It got me wondering, of cause that’s after I had laughed, now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t laughing at her situation , that’s just low I would never do that. What I was laughing at was the fact that she was talking to someone on a phone, while expecting people to drop something for her. Now I don’t know if it’s just me but that wasn’t motivation at all, that didn’t motivate me to want to help. I know it might seem sad that I would be more motivated to help someone who doesn’t have enough money to buy a phone or even buy credit to call anybody, but that’s what brings me to what I want to talk about today.

What motivates you to give to someone on the streets? I don’t know about you but there a number of things that motivate me, bear in mind am not always motivated to give. For me this is what goes on in my head when I see a needy person on the streets, do I feel bad for you, do I have enough money to spare, do I think given you any money will actually help you, do you look like you are in such a bad state that looking at you makes me wonder what kind of world we leave in? Those are possible questions that go through my head when I see a needy person on the streets.

Do I feel bad for you, yes maybe I do, but usually that isn’t enough motivation for me to give, so there are very high possibilities that I won’t give.  Do I have enough money to spare, probably yes, probably no, but how many times do I think of how much money I have to spare, I probably never have any money to spare, if the money finds its way to my pocket or wallet then there is most definitely a plan for it. So yes, not a good enough motivator.  Do I think giving a needy person on the streets money will help him or her, most certainly not, I think doing that just encourages them to come back the next day, I strongly believe it doesn’t help, that too isn’t a strong enough motivator. Does he or she look like they are supposed to be on a hospital bed? That gets too me, it makes me feel really bad that we live in such a world that you would be kicked out of a hospital because you do not have enough money to pay. It is a great motivator, but do I do anything about their situation, do I even try to drop just a hundred shillings, no I don’t rather I walk away fast so I don’t have to look at these individuals and the problem they are facing.

You know how they say be the change you want, it’s easier said than done, moving away swiftly, I greatest motivator is me , if I feel philanthropic enough on any they and I happen to come by a needy person on the streets then I will most definitely give, the other one is if am lead by God to give. That is my motivation, what is yours post comment and let’s discuss this issue.

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